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"My very first session with Tanya brought me absolute relief. For a long time I had been struggling to put clarity around the vision I had for my business. Because it also required learning a great deal about social media strategy, I had been feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead of me. Tanya has consistently, during our sessions, provided very clear pathways for me to follow. She has listened to my needs, but also challenged me and kept me accountable to what it is I want to achieve."

Fiona Dee
Life & Business Strategist


"I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Tanya for her coaching talent. She has an uncanny knack for zeroing in on exactly what a person has to do, and she breaks it down into easy to manage steps...baby steps. It is so easy to get overwhelmed. Using a coach allows an objective perspective to sort through the challenges and guide your efforts. It didn't take Tanya long to clarify what I needed to do, help give me a timeline to do it, as well as steps and accountability.

I highly recommend her!!!"

 Julie McDonough
Award Winning Artist and Blogger

"There are times that you are on social media when something great happens; you're reminded why you are there and the worth it brings to your work and life. The day I met Tanya Patxot was that special day. She is a warm, brilliant business woman who I can honestly say has become very important to me. She knows social media, she understands connection and building relationships, and one of her greatest talents is that she is honest and caring. Did I mention I love how she responds and completes a conversation, and knows when to reply? You know her exact work ethic and where her heart is."

Marilyn Shannon
Business Life Coach, Speaker, 
Author and Online TV Host.

"Your Passion Is The Pathway To Your Destiny...

It's Time To Simplify Your Life and Streamline Your Business"

Tanya Patxot, The Truthpreneur

Do you feel like your brain is about to explode?

Becoming unproductive because someone just threw another fancy tool at ya?

When you sit down at your computer, you want to know exactly what to work on. You want to have that signature product that creates raving fans and gets your message out to the masses. You want to step into that success with the time and financial freedom you desire.

It's just not your reality right now...

You are confused and frustrated with all the information coming at you. You don't know what to do and how to use what you already know to make money without buying something else. You don't just want to dream about the success everyone says is obtainable, but you also just want to be able to pay your freaking bills.

As a successful entrpreneur, mom, wife and educated strategist leader, with 15 years of experience on and offline, I work with entrepreneurs who...

1. Are ready to take action and put some skin in the game to break the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to business.

2. Want to learn their own "secret sauce formula" that produces results.

3. Are ready to really make a profit from every program, book or "good deal", you have ever purchased

4. Are ready to eliminate the confusion of customizing a strategy and executing.

5. Are ready to focus on the things that will 10x their business and start seeing the daily results.

My name is Tanya Patxot, also known as "The Truthpreneur". I’m an online business strategist for passion based entreprenure like coaches, strategists, consultants want reach the world with their message. I believe clarity will reveal that you're already wired for success. When you gain clarity, you know exactly where to invest your time/money, how to get results according to how you are wired and effectively reach people you want.

When you work with me, you'll learn how to effectively build on your passions not skills, have influence from those you want and simplify your day to day work. As we work together, I’ll be encouraging you to ignite that "secret sauce" within you. I'll be teaching you how to save time and start focusing on what really matters. But by the time our work together is over, you’ll have the exact customized steps and actions you need to achieve the results you have been reaching for.

Get On The Waiting List ...

Entrepreneur Detox Elite is a 9-week hybrid strategy program for passion based entrepreneurs who want to learn to become more productive day to day and have a fully customized plan catered to their secret-sauce strengths. Hybrid simply means I created this program to help entrepreneurs with all learning styles.

 Isn’t it time to ditch the cookie cutter model and get clear on what will work for you, focus on the things that will 10x your business, and see the daily results you deserve from putting skin in the game?

"During the past few months I've been working with Tanya to help me get clear on how to set up, identify, and put together my action plan for my own coaching business.  Tanya has consistently brought valuable insights and techniques and often called on the additional resources that helped me identify clarity in my vision to get to the final result I was aiming for in my business.

I am accountable for my actions and to challenge the choices I have made has transformed my thought processes and techniques I employ to my business, ensuring my time is only spent on height value areas. I'm now in control and own the direction of where I am going and have implemented into the business the tools required to ensure success.

Having Tanya guide me dramatically improved my work and life balance, which I didn't see before I started working with her. This was a true partnership in every sense of the way and I thoroughly recommend Tanya to anyone who requires this level of clarity in their business."

Anna Zubarev
Social Media Strategist

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