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Heather Lederman (The Makeover Mama)

Affiliate marketer that wanted to bridge and transition to her own powerful brand and reach the nations with her message.



On overload from programs, masterclasses, videos, tutorials, books and I am sure you can add more? Tired of losing your mind trying to find out the best course of action for YOU and YOUR natural way of communicating? Ready to know exactly what to work on that will yield you the best results?
Let’s work together to make it happen. No fluff, gimmicks or promises unkept.
Here’s what you should know about me:
I’ve been in business for 15 years. That includes on and offline. I have mentored and coached 1000's of people along my journey on achieving mental clarity, strategy and execution, gaining influence and customizing success through your personality and how you are wired.
Did I mention I have done this being married, having 3 children (4 if you included my pitbull puppy ... he is always a puppy to me ha ha ), serving heavily in my community and church, rehabilitating and fostering animals and finding them homes, serving at my children's school and while getting my education and working my doctorate.
And now, I bring that expertise to you. I have a hunger to help others see how God wired them to function and obtain success. Life is not a cookie cutter or one size fits all and neither is the way you pursue your business.
Consider me your business GPS. Get coordinates and you are on your way.
Give me one moment and I can guide you and talk with you not at you or down to you. Rest assure I will listen to what you are saying and not saying. A sweet peace invades you when clarity approaches. Let's get you living in the place.
No where in working with me, do I leave you to fend for yourself. It's not my style. I am a strategist with a hybrid teaching style so you walk away confident. That means one on one, groups, video and pdf trainings, learn do teach method and more.
I focus on you and customizing your experience.

When you work with me, you'll learn how to effectively build on your passions not skills and experience, have influence from those you want and simplify your day to day work. As we work together, I’ll be encouraging you to ignite that "secret sauce" within you and work thorugh the difficult decisions we all face in business.
I'll be teaching you how to save time and start focusing on what really matters. But by the time our work together is over, you’ll have the exact customized steps and actions you need to achieve to reach the world with that God given message within.
Your business and life can be simple, clear and streamlined if you focus on the 9 pillar strategy that allows you to hit every area of your business that counts. I share in depth and go through each pillar through the year to ensure you have what it takes to have a solid foundation.

"Because of working with Tanya, I now have a clear understanding and focus of where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. I didn’t have any hesitations about working with her. Once I accepted that I couldn’t do this alone, and that I needed a coach, she was at the top of my list. I spoke with others, but it feels to me like she’s personally invested in my success."

April Davidson
Copy Writer & Blogger


"I knew and trusted Tanya from following her on Facebook, and her blogs, so I was not hesitant about working with her at all! I appreciate that she is truthful and to the point...tells you like it is! I've benefited working with Tanya in that she has given me such a clear picture of what I've accomplished and what needs to be done to move to the next level! Tanya has given me my voice back!"

Alana Johnson
Founder Of Blissful Single Mom 

"When I connected with the Truthpreneur all of the jumping from this online program to next stopped. Once I got on the phone with Tanya she was able to instantly identify where my problems were in my business and the next step I needed to take to get profitable. After almost 6 months of going in circles and feeling stuck in overwhelm, I finally had clear direction and accountability for my business to move forward. Undeniably, connecting with Tanya was the best move I ever made for my business."

Crystal Smith
Speaker and blogger

 Isn’t it time to build and execute a strategy that is customized to your strengths and personality?

Tanya Patxot  laid out my next steps and clarified my value in one hour. She told me stuff that no coaches have ever articulated. I left the call on fire.

No more than 2 hours later, I get a private message from a current "FREE" client who wants to pay me to organize and plan her content for her upcoming group program. Because of my call with Tanya, I made 2k more than if we hadn't talked. (I priced the service at $2997 and not $997.)

Oh, and did I mention this is my first paying client ever!?! This, my friends, is clarity. Guys...get on the phone with her! Especially if you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed!

Tanya, thank you for helping me see my value! That shit's priceless!
Lindsay Padilla
Instructional Content Strategist

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